What's the advantages of your BMW Electroplating?
What's the advantages of your BMW Electroplating?
Q:What is the material of your BMW Electroplating
A:Our this gear shift knobs are made of high quality ABS material, tasteless ,durable and long service life
Q:What advantages do you have in terms of price?
A:We have our own factory, reduce 15%-25% of the procurement cost; and many gear shift knobs are only provided by us because of few supplier.
Q:What is the difference between your company and other manufactuers?
A:Our this gear shift knobs adopt water plating process. First look good and gives you perfect visual effect, wear resistant and do not fade. Many suppliers on the market use PP materials for cost saving. 
 The plating process of this material can only use UV plating, also called vacuum plating, This kind of plating will cause the silver part to be not wear-resistant and easy to scrape, flower, faded.
Q: How long is your shipping time?
A:3-7 days if in stock, 15-30 for new production.

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