Gear Shift Knob
A well-designed handball not only feels comfortable, but also controls smoothly, and matches the original car, perfectly sublimating your driving experience. WAGNER  have every car gear shift knob you need,some gear shift knob (  BMW X1, BMW E87, VW golf7  A4B6 Nissan X-Tral and so on ) for old cars  are not so easy to find out, bec. of few supplier, but we do。Wagner offer Craftsmanship  and  complete moders  for you. To serve as a professional gear shift knob supplier
Exquisite workmanship 

Our gear shift knob are all made of well-selected material that ensures you get the first-class quality products. And all fitted with an ergonomic curve for a more comfortable feel, prooced by CNC cutting, with high precision and beautiful apprearance, feeling more superior. using recise mould injection and germany technology.  We have our own molds, no mold fees, so with lower prices. We take pride in providing the most unique and beautiful gear shift knob in the industry and allow you to choose from a plethora of styles, brands and colors.
Free Sample 》》》》

We provide free  samples so you can coordinate finishes & impress clients. Seeing is believing. With confidence in the beauty and quality of our gear shift knob, we encourage you to get samples of our gear shift knob before making a big investment.
Gatalogue of shift knobs
Audi 》》》》

VW 》》》》

BMW 》》》》

Benz 》》》》

Peugeot 》》》》

Skado 》》》》

Ford 》》》》

Renault 》》》》

WAGNER gear shift knob for sale include BMW AUDI  VW  Mercedes-Benz Peugeot Skado Citroen  Renault  Kia  Nissan xtrail  Ford  Honda Opel  Toyota and so on. We will achieve effect what you want.
Gear Shift knob for Audi
Gear Shift knob for  BMW
Gear Shift knob for VW
Gear Shift knob for Peugeot
Gear Shift knob for Benz
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