Chassis System

Car Chassis system main function is make the car move and keep driving, Car Chassis system including Power steering pump, Ball joint, Stabilizer bar, bearing, Muffler, Mud guard, and Water pump . WAGNER  have every car Chassis system you need,some Chassis system for old cars  are not so easy to find out, bec. of few supplier, but we do. WANGER offer Craftsmanship  and  high quality products  for you. To serve as a professional auto parts and accessories supplier.

Craftsmanship For Water Pump

Our Water Pump use advanced manufacturing technologies to provide precise-fit water pump, high quality and durable. Superior quality  exceeds OE Specification, and includes all necessary gaskets and seals. And designed with original equipment specification in regards to fitment, function and quality to prevent overheating issues associated with engine cooling system flow.This results in maintaining an efficient and effective coolant flow. And all water pumps  use the  highest quality carbon graphite ceramic seals  to ensure perfect  seal. 

Germany Quality For Bearings

Bearings are the heart of a machine, and high-quality bearings result in more efficient operation. Our bearings are imported multi-element steel, high wear resistance, smooth surface and low noise. The design material is verified by repeated verification to ensure that each bearing standard produced reaches the purpose of extending the service life of the bearing. WANGER is known as an auto parts exporter will offer you high quality products  exceed your expectation. 

Original Car Mold Customization
Our Ball joint are all  Well-selected high quality steel ,  channel standard, one-shot molding, sturdy and durable, heavy and sturdy, OEM design, strong torsion resistance, the shaft is rigid and full of safety and stability. Consistent with the original car size, dedicated to the car, improve bumps and eliminate abnormal noise. The fixing bolts have self-locking bushings to prevent them from coming off. WANGER take pride in providing the most unique and craftsmanship Ball joint in the industry and allow you to choose from a plethora of styles, brands and sizes.

We provide free  samples so you can coordinate finishes & impress clients. Seeing is believing. With confidence in the  quality of our auto parts , we encourage you to get samples of our products  before making a big investment.

Gatalogue of Chassis system

WAGNER have complete brands and models for choice. We believe in providing our customers with absolute best Chassis System. WAGNER Chassis System for sale include Power steering pump, Ball joint, Stabilizer bar, Bearing, Muffler, Mud guard, and Water pump  and so on. We will achieve effect what you want. 
Water Pump
Power steering pump
Stabilizer bar
Ball joint
Mud guard
Exhaust Pipe
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VW 》》》》
Audi 》》》》
Mercedes-Benz 》》》》
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